FRL UNIT Air Filter, Regulator & Lubricator Unit for Pneumatic Air Tools AT059

ToolzoneSKU: AT059

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VAT included


Good quality 3 in 1 air filter, regulator and lubrication unit.

Used to control the air quality for all types of pneumatic tools and equipment in professional and DIY.

Filter removes solid particles and condensate moisture found in air compressed air.

Proper use extends the life of air tools and equipment

Air flow can be accurately controlled using the step-less regulator valve

The micro mist lubricator mechanism supplies lubricating oil in a proportion to air consumption.

Easy to read pressure gauge.

Wall mounting brackets.


Air Inlet: 1/4"

Regulate Pressure: 0 – 150 Psi

Max Pressure: 220 Psi

Oil Capacity: 130cc

Max Air Flow: 105 Cfm

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