Sealey Tyre Inflator with Clip-On Connector PSI & BAR SA399

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The Sealey Tyre Inflator with Clip-On Connector is a top-of-the-line tyre maintenance tool, designed to make tire inflation effortless and efficient.

The die-cast body and dial-type gauge with rubber protector ensure durability, while the glow-in-the-dark measuring scale makes it easy to use in any lighting conditions.

The gauge displays readings in both PSI and bar, with a range of 0-7bar (0-100 PSI), making it a versatile tool for all types of vehicles.

The inflator comes equipped with a 500mm rubber hose and a single clip-on connector, making it easy to connect to your vehicle's valve stem.

The inlet size is 1/4" BSP, making it compatible with most air compressors.

Whether you're topping off your tires or inflating a flat, the Sealey Tyre Inflator with Clip-On Connector is the perfect solution for quick and accurate tire inflation.


Inlet Size: 1/4"BSP

Maximum Air Supply: 170psi

Minimum Air Supply: 10psi

Nett Weight: 0.366kg

Range: 0-7bar(0-100psi)

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