US PRO 5pc Blind Inner Bearing Puller set Slide Hammer Internal 5148


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Inner bearing puller set complete with 940g Chrome slide hammer and 4 different sized chrome molybdenum steel split collets.


Bearing extractor collects with internal capacity from 10 to 32mm

Fully chromed carbon steel medium stroke slide hammer, 380mm overall length with 940 gram hammer

Chemically blackened finish

Internal puller for the fast extraction of bearing without damaging any surrounding parts.

Turning the handle clockwise expands the collet causing it to firmly grip the inner bearing race.

Sliding the hammer backwards extracts the bearing.


This inner bearing puller set comes with 1 slide hammer and 4 Sizes of collets;

One fully chromed carbon steel medium stroke Slide Hammer;

Four chrome molybdenum steel made collets

10 to 14mm (3/8" to 1/2");

15 to 19mm (9/16" to 11/16");

18 to 25mm (5/8" to 1");

25 to 32mm (1" - 1 1/4";

Supplied in a blow moulded storage case.

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