US PRO Tools 1KG Splitting Axe With Fibreglass Handle Log Splitting Maul 4537


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VAT included


A 1 kg splitting axe ideal for splitting small to medium logs and kindling.

Balanced for single hand use.

The handle is engineered from a material that contains more than 60% fibreglass.

This produces a strong and sturdy handle, to which a non slip finish is added to improve grip.

It uses a new patented method for fixing the head to the handle to ensure a secure connection and adds strength to the higher stressed area's.


• Weight: 1 Kg - 2.2 lbs

• Length: 360mm - 14 1/4"

• Drop forged head hardened to HRC 45-55 for strength

• Strong fibreglass handle (more than 60% fibreglass)

• Non slip finish for improved grip

• Polished and ground blade, polished wedge

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