US PRO Tools Ratchet Brake Caliper Piston Spreader, Pad Compressor, Push Back Tool 6217


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US PRO Tools Ratchet Brake Caliper Piston Spreader, Pad Compressor, Push Back Tool 6217

With this ratchet piston spreader the steel pads stay parallel so you can easily press back single, dual and quad piston brake calipers.

There is less chance of the pistons binding as they are being kept parallel and pushed straight back into the caliper bore.

Place the tool in the caliper and ratchet the piston(s) out of the way.

Even when access is difficult it will be easy to find a convenient angle to place the tool in the caliper as the handle moves through a full 360 degrees.


Works on single, twin and quad pistons.

The ratchet evenly spreads the force on the pistons.

Fast and easy to use.

This high quality brake Tool comes to you brand new with retail packaging.

This is a perfect addition / replacement to any toolbox or workshop

Not for sale in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Williams
Piston spreader

Haven’t used yet but looks a nice bit of kit

Robert Webster
Effective, practical and a useful addition to any tool box

I bought this specifically for a double piston caliper for the brakes on my AMG, having changed, upgraded and serviced many sets of brakes previously this was my first experience with this specific vehicle. I saw the piston tool used by a mechanic on uTube and it looked simple and effective. I have just changed the brakes and discs on the rear of the car and although the piston spreader requires some pressure to effect the ratchet movement, it worked very well and was effective in dealing with a large single piston caliper(s). I removed the callipers so it was done on a bench. Overall I found it more conveninet than my other brake piston compression tools and after some improved lubrication it is simple and effective and is priced very sensibly. For some reason I thought the tool came with a set of caliper hooks, it did not but not an issue. It would be a useful accompanyment to the tool system, making it a more complete purchase. As a universal brake piston caliper tool it has probably got more use across a range of vehicle and brake caliper system designs than many. Front calipers will be stripped and serviced tomorrow. Recommended purchase just for its general utility across different brake system designs.

Philip Jennings

Every tool works perfectly good quality will recommend


Works well but the ratchet direction adjuster needs a firm push to change the direction

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