TEIKUTA 230 X 10 X 22.23MM Segmented Multi-Masonry Diamond Cutting Blade 9125


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High performance multi-material masonry blade. The 10mm segments and perforated design offer fast, easy cutting of most materials found on construction sites.

Ideal for materials such as brick, roof tiles, high density concrete, kerb stones, patio slabs, reinforced concrete, lintels and other general building materials.

10mm segment depth

Max RPM: 6,600

Cutting Depth: 80mm

Bore: 22.23mm

These blades may be used either dry or wet as the job or equipment allows.

When used with water the blades will cut quicker and last longer and create less dust.

Do not use wet when using any electrical hand tool such as an electric grinder, it is not safe to use water because of the electrical power source.

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