US PRO 11pc Mini Panel Trim Removal Molding Tool Set 5407


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Set includes eleven different sizes and styles of tools that allow easily removal of trim fasteners, door panels, mouldings and wheel hubs.

Perfect for all trims inside and outside of cars, vans and utility vehicles.

These tools make removing the trims, screws clips, upholstery and attachments on your vehicle very easy and painless. No more using your flat head screw driver that will damage the panel or trim.

Made from a special non scratch mix of nylon and fiberglass to ensure no panel damage to the removed area of your vehicle.


1 X Wide type remover

1 X Pull type remover

1 X Angled clip panel remover

1 X Handy Remover

1 X Narrow-type remover

1 X Upholstery clip remover

1 X Fork tip flat clip panel remover

1 X Panel remover

1 X Blunt tip flat clip panel remover

1 X Sharp tip flat clip panel remover

1 X Clip panel remover

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