US PRO 40pc Metric Tap and Die Set Alloy Steel Pitch Gauge M3 - M12 2620


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This 40 piece tap and die set is made from high-quality alloy steel and comes in a durable embossed metal storage case.

It is ideal for creating and repairing popular metric size threads and can be used for automotive and general mechanical workshop purposes.

The components are etched with metric sizes, both the M size and the thread pitch on the dies and the taps so you can't go wrong.

The tap wrench has screw adjustment and is suitable for M3 - M12.

The die handle has an internal diameter of 25mm (1") with thumbscrew to hold components securely in place.

Supplied with a tap wrench, die handle, 17 taps and 17 dies, T-Bar Handle, Flathead screwdriver and feeler gauge. All neatly presented in a tough metal box carry case for convenient storage.


Alloy Steel
Metal embossed case
M3 - M12
Die handle to 25mm
Accurate pitch gauge

Contents and included

1 x Die Handle
1 x Tap Wrench
1 x T-Type Tap Wrench
1 x Screw-Pitch Gauge
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Embossed US PRO logo metal box

17 Taps & 17 Dies in the following sizes
M3 x 0.50
M3 x 0.60
M4 x 0.70
M4 x 0.75
M5 x 0.80
M5 x 0.90
M6 x 0.75
M6 x 1.00
M7 x 0.75
M7 x 1.00
M8 x 1.00
M8 x 1.25
M10 x 1.25
M10 x 1.50

M12 x 1.50

M12 x 1.75

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Lawrence Hill

US PRO 40pc Metric Tap and Die Set Alloy Steel Pitch Gauge M3 - M12 2620

Peter H.
quick delivery well packed

quick delivery well packed

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