US PRO Tools 19mm Flexi Head Single Ring Ratchet Spanner Wrench With Lock 3664


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A single ring ratchet wrench with a flexible head for easier access that can be locked in position and a comfortable handle for better grip.

The ratchet has 12 points to achieve an accurate fit to the bolt head, the 72 teeth gear mechanism transfers the force smoothly.

The direction can be changed by simply turning the wrench over.

It features a flexible head that can be locked in position which should help with difficult access and angles.

Made from CR-V, hardened to HRC 42-46 standard and chrome plated for corrosion protection.

Sizes: 19mm

Flexible head with lock

Handle for comfort and a sure grip

Quality wrench made to DIN3113 standard

72 teeth gear mechanism

12 Point

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