US PRO Tools 5” Heavy Duty Multipurpose Bench Vice With Swivel Base & Rotating Jaws 2667


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A cast iron, 5" (125mm) multipurpose bench vice with swivel & rotating base.

Both the base and the jaws can be rotated 360°.

Ideal vice for both engineers and mechanics.

Rotating jaw head allows the selection of either a standard parallel jaws, or pipe jaws with an integral V-jaw assembly depending on the work in hand.

The swivel base and rotating jaw head should allow for the perfect working angle.

Blue powder coated finish with zinc plated operating handle.

• Parallel Jaws: 125mm (5")

• Max Opening: 125mm (5")

• Throat Depth: 67mm (2.63")

• Pipe Diameter 15 - 64mm

• Anvil Area: 80 x 65mm

• 360° Swivel Base

• 360° Rotating Jaw Head

• Weight: 16Kgs

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