US PRO Tools Compression Tester Set For Petrol Engines 0-300psi 5323


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This compression tester is quickly set up on your car to give you accurate readings for finding faults in valves/piston rings/cylinder bores or head gaskets.

Suitable for all petrol engines

Fitted with 65mm diameter gauge which has two scales psi and bar

Scales range from 0 - 300 PSI and 0-21 bar

Includes quick coupling 150mm rigid stem with cone type adaptor and 320mm flexible adaptor with 14 and 18mm screw-in adaptors.

Quick release/disconnect makes it easier to reach obstructed plug ports.

The quick release pull down coupler is easy and fast which allows you to switch between the flexi and the rigid tube.


Flexible hose

Cone adapter

Easy large read gauge

14mm and 18mm screw adaptors


Gauge with SAE and metric readings

0 - 300 psi and 0-21 bar

Side release valve

Flexible Hose

Cone adapter to fit all spark plug holes.

Supplied in a blow moulded case for storage

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