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Set of 5 cutters for re-cutting injector seats when reconditioning diesel engines or replacing the injectors.

Injectors can be extremely difficult to remove, due to the build up of carbon deposits and the effects of corrosion.

Once they have been removed, the injector seat is often in a condition that makes it almost impossible to successfully seat the injector, and there can be a high risk of 'blow-by'

(leaking of combustion gases from the cylinder, via the injector seat) occurring as a result.

This can lead to various poor running and starting symptoms: excessive smoke, tar build-up, noise and loss of compression).

The Injector Seat Cutter set allows the technician to re-face the seat, in order for the new or reconditioned injector to be fitted correctly.

(it is recommended that re-facing of injector seats is done with the cylinder head removed to avoid the risk of metal filings entering the combustion chamber).

Set contents:

15mm x 19mm Flat Reamer for Universal injectors

17mm x 17mm Flat Reamer for Delphi/Bosch injectors (BMW/PSA/Renault/Ford)

17mm x 19mm Flat Reamer for Bosch injectors (Mercedes CRD)

17mm x 21mm Angled Reamer for Fiat/Iveco

17mm x 17mm Angled Reamer for Mercedes Benz CDI

T handle 135 x 160mm 23 socket

Pilot Hex 19mm x 173.8mm

Supplied in a Blow molded case for storage

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