US PRO Transmission Oil Filler & Extractor + 8pc Adaptor Set 3095


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For filling gearboxes and differentials with oil. Comes complete with 8 piece adaptor set with different angles and thread types.

Hand pump allows greater control when reaching overflow point and the fluid control valve will shut of dispensing immediately.

This unit can also extract oil by simply changing the position of the flow control bolt.

Adaptors included:

1 - FORD 1/8 - 27 (NPT)

2 - Universal

3 - VAG

4 - VAG, Porsche

5 - VAG, Mini Cooper M10 x 1.0

6 - VAG DSG M24 x 1.5

7 - VAG CVT M22 x 1.5

8 - Mercedes: M12 x 1.5

Capacity: 7.5Ltrs

Viscosity range: up to SAE 140

Flow rate: 80cc / cycle

Not to be used with volatile liquids. (e.g. Petrol, Diesel, etc)

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