US PRO 10mm Variable Speed Air Belt Sander + 3 x 330mm x 10mm Belts 8325


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Variable speed air belt sander

10mm x 330mm variable speed sander

Fully variable speed sander (there are 5 different speeds for accurate and controlled work)

Suitable for all sanding jobs including woodworking/furniture polishing/plastic/aluminum and all forms of metal polishing

Especially suitable for those heard to reach awkward areas

Lightweight and low vibration

Compact design and easy belt replacement at the press of a button

Rear exhaust system

The angle of sanding arm can be adjusted for best use/purpose


Belt sander width 10mm

16,000 RPM

Air inlet 1/4" BSP (this comes with a quick release fitting supplied – PCL equivalent)

Average air consumption 4 CFM

Operating pressure 90 PSI

Comes with 3 belts (60, 80 and 120 grit sanding belts)

Belt size 330mm x 10mm

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