US PRO INDUSTRIAL 8pc Premium Screwdriver Set Phillips, PH Screwdrivers 4546

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A premium set which contains a selection of Phillips screwdrivers.

Manufactured from S2 hardened steel for exceptional strength and durability.

They feature a solid, ergonomic handle with a smooth top for easier rotation.

The larger sizes have a "go through" shaft with hex collar, giving the screwdriver extra strength so you can apply high levels of torque.

It also helps to transfer the impact force while absorbing vibration for a more comfortable operation.

Precision g  round tips ensure a good fit and reduce cam-out. Resistant to oil, acidic corrosion, thermal shock and easy to clean.


Sizes and lengths:

PH0 x 75mm*, PH1 x 100mm, PH2 x 38mm*, PH2 x 125mm, PH2 x 175mm, PH2 x 250mm, PH3 x 150mm, PH3 x 275mm



• S2 hardened steel for exceptional strength and durability

• Go through shaft for exceptional torque and impact transfer

• Solid handle

• Resistant to oil, acidic corrosion and thermal shock

• Precision ground tips for precise fit, reduces cam-out

• Smooth top for easier rotation

• Magnetic tip

• Easy clean

• Ergonomic handle for comfort and secure grip

Items marked * are not "go through" type

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