US PRO Tools 10pc Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Tool Cleaner Set Universal Re-Face Score Kit 5598


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Set of 10 diesel injector seat cutters/cleaners

centering pilot and T-handle.

This set is used to clean and decarbonize injector seats when changing injectors.

It helps to avoid blow-back due to poorly seated injectors.

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles.


15mm x 19mm Flat Reamer

17mm x 17mm Angled Reamer

17mm x 17mm Flat Reamer

17mm x 19mm Flat Reamer

17mm x 21mm Angled Reamer

18mm x 21mm Flat Reamer

20mm x 21mm Flat Reamer

T-handle 135 x 160m

Pilot Hex 19 x 170mm

15.5 X 225mm Cutter

2.5mm Hex Key

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