US PRO Tools 2 Leg Chain Sling - 2 Meters 8MM G80 2.8 Tonne - Adjustable 9150


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Simple but highly effective Lifting Chain slings are designed for use in a various selection of industrial, construction and rigging applications.

This Sling has a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 2.8 Tonnes and conforms to EN 818-4 (Grade 80).

The grab hooks allow the chains to be shortened.

It is important to ensure that adequate safety precautions are adhered to at all times in all aspects of the particular lifting scenario.

Full Details:

1 x Master Link: WLL 4.25T

2 x Connector Link: G80, WLL 2T

2 x Grab Hooks (Shorteners): G80, WLL 2T

2 x 2 Metre 8mm Chain: G80, WLL 2T

2 x Clevis Hook: G80, WLL 2T

1 x ID Tag

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